Banerji Protocol About

The Banerji Protocol is a new method of treatment using Homeopathic medicines.


The protocol uses one or more Homeopathic Medicines, repeated differently for each disease. This is developed through a dedicated  research, based on generations of experience and clinical trials from thousands of patients visiting the clinic each day in India. 


Diseases are first diagnosed using modern/state of the art diagnostic tools like Ultrasonography, MRIs, cancer markers etc. Medicines are then prescribed based on the disease diagnoised, leaving no room for ambiguity or question of benefit.  


The advantage of Banerji Protocol is the volume of patients in which it is already proven to benefit or bring complete cure.


Although Banerji Protocol exist for almost every disease, this website is dedicated to bring you the information about thier protocol for reversing Hypo-Thyroidism, a condition in which the body secrets too little Thyroid Hormone


The Banerji Protocol is scientific, logical, based on modern diagnostic tools and is dependable