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This website is our sincere attempt to keep the world informed about one of the monumental work by the selfless leaders in the field of Medicine, Dr. Prasanta Banerji, Dr. Pratip Banerji and thier family in India - namely, reversing Hypo-Thryoidism using Homeopathic Medicine.
Dr. Banerji's family has been healing the poor and sick using the Homeopathic Medicine for the last several decades. Nearly 1000 patients are benefited PER DAY, from thier Clinic in India today.
Homeopathy is a field of medicine, founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann MD, a German Saint in 17th century. It is known for low cost, safe and effective in healing a sick. 
Homeopathy by principle diagnose a disease through symptoms, as observed and narrated by the patient himself. Although it is proven to be very successful diagnostic approach, this demands the highest skill of the practioner of this art. This limited the reach of Homeopathy to the vast majority and subjected to critisism by conventional doctors.
Dr. Banerji's selfless dedication, truthfulness, hardwork and mastery in the field of Homeopathy, supported by volume of patients visiting his clinic each day has made it possible to break the limitation of classical Homeopathy. He used modern diagnostic tools like X-Ray, Ultrasound, Blood analysis etc to diagnose a disease and developed a protocol for each disease that can bring positive changes in a sick, either entirely reversing the diseased condition or bringing great relief to the suffering.
This revolutionary new approach of a pre-defined protocol for each disease,  combined with the advantage of natural, safe, effective and low cost Homeopathic Medicine has triggered endless possibilites of benefiting this huge population of sick around us in this modern world.
Today Dr. Banerji's work are recongnised, researched and accepted by the top medical assocation around the world, including the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, United States.
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This website is dedicated to reversing Hypo Thyroid using Banerji Protocol of medicines
With the highest goal of helping the suffering humanity, no charges will ever be made through this offering
This Protocol is proven to be safe and effective through Clinical Trails with 1000s of patients in India.
The medicines suggested here are available from your local stores without prescription and is extremely low cost.
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